About Us

Elephant Balls was founded by Ken McDaniel, a former professional soccer player and long-time high school, club, and youth coach who recognized the importance of having fun in the game. 

The original idea was for the oversized soccer ball to serve as a unique way to get autographs, either as a gift for a coach or as a larger-than-life trophy that players could sign.

"I took one to a practice to be signed by my college women's team and placed in a trophy case.... I soon realized it had been put down, and they began playing with it!" the founder recounts. "It was like seeing 3 or 4-year-olds discover soccer for the very first time. It brought the players back to their very first experience with a soccer ball - its magical power to remind us of the feeling of why we played the game in the first place."

A few years later, a skeptical parent approached and asked, "So what's the purpose of the kids training with the jumbo soccer ball? I mean, what does it teach them?"

Ken answered simply, "Fun! It teaches them fun."

Over 20 years passed before Ken, having coached for over 30 years and becoming jaded by what American youth sports had become, revisited the idea in a drunken discussion with his best friend since high school. His friend encouraged him to pursue something different, hoping for a better outcome. And so, Elephant Balls was born. 


Twice the size! Twice the fun!

Our soccer balls are designed to be BIG! Anything else you see that doesn't have the Elephant Balls logo, is well, just to small! We use high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Whether you're a professional player or just starting, our soccer balls are perfect for you. We make soccer even more fun than you imagined!